Who Is
Pad Flow?


Horrace & Gideon Uelese are 2 Samoan brothers living in Sydney, Australia. Due to their ineligibility issues for government funding at the time of the first lockdowns, they decided to hit some pads at the local dog park in hopes of a bystander asking for a session.

That's when Pad Flow was born. 

Through a lot of trials and tribulations, failures and lessons they are now at a place where they are very proud to be as a brand.

From scrambling to build somewhat of a clientele during a pandemic, to now running padwork workshops interstate and helping trainers & pad holders worldwide up-skill with their style & philosophy behind padwork. 

Hard work and dedication has been the impetus to their rapid rise.

Horrace is a true student of boxing, with over 10 years experience and an innovative mind when it comes to the art of padwork, he has been one of the pillars to Pad Flow's success.

Gideon is the magician behind all of Pad Flow's social media and marketing. His drive to express Pad Flow's craft to the world has been a huge part of their success. 



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